Tersus for Tumblr

Tersus for Tumblr

An achingly simple Tumblr theme without the usual cruft.


Tersus for Tumblr is an exercise in publishing template minimalism, based on the orginal Tersus for Wordpress theme.

Why create yet another theme? As clean and stripped down as some themes are, we wanted to prune things a bit further.

Tersus was originally named Simplicity — a term that described exactly what the project was all about. However, that was prior to the discovery of a WordPress theme already using that very name. After a brief discussion, several latin terms were bandied about as replacements. Tersus (which means ‘clean, neat, or cleansed’) seemed to fit the bill rather nicely … and here we are.

The Tersus project is brought to you by Chris Harrison, Grant Hutchinson, Dan Rubin, and Andy van der Raadt.

Lovely chaps, all of them.

The groundwork for Tersus was based on the Starkers theme created by the affable Elliot Jay Stocks.

Keep track of Tersus development on Twitter.

Posted 3 years ago

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